A baguette throwing competition will take place in Paris for the Olympics!

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Get your finest sailor shirts, your red berets, and roam the capital in search of the crunchiest and most golden baguette. It was the little cherry on top that was missing from these Parisian Olympics: a baguette throwing competition will take place during the sports event, as revealed by the organizing committee. Here, it's Paris.
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Celebrating French heritage

It is delicious, it is delightful... The baguette is the true French essential, especially in Paris. It is so iconic that it was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2022, just like that. Fresh, still warm because it’s just out of the oven, it makes us dream just thinking about it and attracts tourists from all over the world. Yes, yes baguette. 

If they were expecting to stroll the streets of Paris like Emily in Paris, a baguette sticking out of their wicker tote, with the end just nibbled (let's push the clichés, let's go boldly), our international visitors will be surprised to discover this French emblem in a whole new light during the Olympics. 

An event open to everyone

A tasting event wouldn't have been enough... sporty. But to mark the occurrence of the Olympic Games in the French capital, it was impossible not to honor the baguette. An unusual event was specially created for this occasion.The sports event's steering committee has announced a new competition: a baguette throwing contest. The date of what will undoubtedly be (objectively speaking) the best of all the Olympic Games competitions has not been revealed yet. However, the event has been specifically designed "for the people of Paris," as stated by the committee in a press release. The specific details are still pending, but everyone will be able to participate, both adults and children. Needless to say, we are very curious to see how it will turn out, and we will keep you informed of any updates. Get ready, get set, start baguette throwing!

P.S.: Before we conclude, have you checked today's date? Always keep a hint of skepticism... because as tradition has it, April 1st is often synonymous with mischief, and here at Le Bonbon, we love jokes. Don't be too disappointed, our pranks have sometimes come true in the past... You never know.