A couple lives at Disneyland for 15 years and no one notices

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The Editor

You have always been fascinated by Disney stories, by the magic of these universes, by Disneyland parks scattered around the world, offering a magical and timeless moment to its visitors, right? Maybe you have even secretly dreamed of making it your home (and honestly, we wouldn't blame you). Well, for this couple, the dream went beyond the realm of dreams to become a reality. For 15 years, they managed to live at Disneyland, in California, hidden from all eyes and without anyone noticing…

From simple employees to tenants

Their names are Owen and Dolly Pope and they managed to do what many people dream of.What they loved to do: live at Disneyland. Although the amusement park opened its doors in 1955, the couple was hired by the teams of Walt Disney in the early 1950s. Initially advisors, they were later in charge of the park's animals that took part in parades, especially the horses and ponies, as Sfgate recalls.

A Well-Kept Secret

To fulfill their duties that required them to be on site every day, a 120 m2 house located in the park, behind the "Pony Farm" was offered to the couple. They lived there from 1955 to 1971, for 16 years, without the public realizing that this building was actually inhabited. Owen and Dolly Pope eventually moved to Florida for work reasons and the house was converted into offices, and later became the site of a Star Wars attraction in 2016. But there's a moral to this funny story: wildest dreams can come true, "no one can stop [you] from dreaming, and maybe one day [your] dream will come true" (as Cinderella said!).