Weather: What effect will the La Niña phenomenon have in France?

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The Editor

After the El Niño episode that skyrocketed temperatures worldwide and intensified extreme weather events in 2023 and 2024, it's now time for La Niña, which promises slightly cooler temperatures. The WMO (World Meteorological Organization) announced the arrival of this phenomenon with a 70% probability from August to November, and a 50% probability from June to August. La Niña, what is it? Known as a "cooling" phenomenon, explains the WMO, La Niña contributes to the overall cooling of the eastern Pacific Ocean with changes in wind patterns that bring cold waters up from the depths. Consequently, a potential drop in temperatures worldwide is expected. Additionally, La Niña also enhances wet conditions in regions around the world such as Australia.Asia, Southeast Asia or even the southeast of the African continent.

Still, La Niña could also go unnoticed, simply because global warming continues its course due to greenhouse gases, as explained by Ko Barrett, Deputy Secretary General of the WMO.

What About La Niña in France?

Everything indicates that this phenomenon will not have real direct consequences for us in France, at least during the summer period. Even though for El Niño, reports Futura Sciences, the effects on Europe have been observed with disturbed weather, more humidity and sometimes windier conditions.

La Niña is expected to establish itself this summer in the Pacific Ocean, but it will still take some time for the effects to be felt worldwide. It seems like we will have a rather typical summer, similar to what we usually experience.x that we have been able to experience in recent years, with stormy and hot episodes. However, the phenomenon may be felt in autumn and winter, with an early arrival of winter temperatures.