Swimming in the Seine will be possible and free starting in 2025!

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Get out your swimsuits, it's time for a dive! It wasn't really in doubt, but from May 21 to 24, the Paris Council will have to vote on a resolution project that plans for free swimming in the Seine. The river should be accessible to the general public starting in 2025, at three main locations: around Bercy in the 12th arrondissement, at the Marie bridge in the 14th, and in the Grenelle arm in the 15th. The Council will therefore have to approve " the principle of free access to the three swimming sites and the authorization to submit any administrative request related to the realization of the three sites ".

Well-equipped and secure areas

Although five sites were initially considered, only three will actually be implemented. At each location, " floating docks" will be set up to provide safe and secure access to the water for the pleasure of all swimmers. Bon voyage on the Seine!

nts will be installed to facilitate the monitoring of swimmers and prevent swimming outside the designated area," explains the proposed resolution. Specific swimming areas will be clearly marked, delimited, and supervised.

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Concerns about the quality of the water

Diving is great, but diving in clean water is even better. The problem is that according to analyses published on April 8th by the NGO Surfrider Foundation, the river is far from meeting all the criteria for swiming in a clean and healthy body of water... Out of the 14 tests conducted, it was revealed that 13 were "above or significantly above" the recommended thresholds. New analyses carried out in partnership with the laboratory Eau de Paris confirmed fecal contamination in the water. Despite these unattractive results, both Anne Hidalgo and President Emmanuel Macron have stated repeatedly that they will still swim in the river.in the Seine before the start of the Olympic Games. The mayor of Paris has also announced that she will take the plunge on June 23rd next.

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