The 3 hottest swimming pools in Paris to warm up this winter

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The Editor

Two teams in freezing weather: those who wrap themselves in a blanket from 7pm and ignore the outside world until the arrival of spring, and the others, the daring and slightly weird ones, who seek refuge in their favorite pool to forget the freezing temperature outside, in their 35°C basin. Because we care about your well-being and because we're a little weird ourselves, the editorial team has selected three places that are not afraid of anything.

The Butte-aux-Cailles swimming pool, at 28°C

Most Parisian swimming pools have been required to reduce the temperature of their basins to 26°C since 2016. This measure is part of the Paris climate and energy plan, "which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the municipal park by 30%," according to 20 Minutes.The water in municipal swimming pools in Paris loses one degree in order to save energy. The temperature of the water in the learning pools is even cooler. On the other hand, the Butte-aux-Cailles pool is heated thanks to the servers of the start-up Stimergy, located in the basement of the building. Part of the energy is converted into heat through a special boiler, and this revolutionary system allows for the recycling of heat from the servers, keeping the water at a cozy 28°C throughout the year. It's the warmest pool in Paris. Hurry up and go, we can hear your teeth chattering from here!

Swimming pool in Butte-aux-Cailles 
5, place Paul-Verlaine – 13th 
Tel: 01 45 89 60 05
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The Aqualagon Villages Nature water park, at 29°C

This one is for the super chilly hipsters. To warm up in a pool at 29°C, and with waves, please, head to the Villages Nature® Paris area by Center Parcs in Seine-et-Marne, a 30-minute drive away. Its 9000 m2 aqua center is full of pools of varying temperatures, marking a stark contrast with the freezing outside temperature. No more feeling like you live in one of the most remote villages in Lapland. Exaggerating? Not our style.

Villages Nature® Paris
Route de Villeneuve – Bailly-Romainvilliers (77)
Open from 10am to 8:30pm
Open every day from 10am to 8:30pm
Entrance fee: 35€
Info and tickets

The Beer Spa, at 37°C 

Okay, we admit it, it's not the sexiest concept in the world at first glance. But remember, the criterion here is warmth. So don't be too picky, don't overthink it, and immerse yourself in a bath of hops, malt, and beer yeast at the Beer Spa. And of course, just like the bathwater, you don't drink it. However, you will have plenty of opportunities to splash around and, most importantly, relax, as the spa water temperature is kept at 37°C.

ve; 37°, not more, not less.

Detail that is important, brewer's yeast is excellent for strenghtening the hair and nourishing the skin, while malt promotes elimination of toxins. Warmed up and detoxified you will come out of it, isn't life beautiful ?

Beer Spa Paris
Galerie le Sevrien
101, rue de Sèvres – 6e
Ouvert tous les jours de 11h30 à 21h
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