The largest closet sale in France is coming to Paris in March!

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The Editor

You've been eagerly waiting for it, and guess what? It's finally here! Grab your largest clothes racks, gather up all your hangers, and pull out those clothes from the depths of your closets that you never actually wear but keep just in case you need that orange floral blouse. Yes, Violette Sauvage's closet clearing event is back at the Galeries Montparnasse on March 9th and 10th. Don't miss out on the fun - let's shop together! 🌸💫🛍️

A weekend of responsible shopping

Get ready for a weekend filled with thousands of items spread out over dozens of booths in a 3000 m2 space. If you're a seller, it's time to declutter your closets and earn some extra cash. For buyers, it's the perfect opportunity to add unique pieces or hidden gems to your wardrobe at affordable prices. The Galeries Montparnasse is a true paradise for second-hand shopping, ensuring a weekend of shopping that is 100% responsible!

From shopping to more

Clothes, shoes, accessories, sure, but the Violette Sauvage closet sale also offers a food and drinks area to refresh yourself (after that intense shopping session). Various workshops and activities will also take place. Let's just say that this is the weekend we don't miss, specifically reserved for this special event.

Violette Sauvage Closet Sale
Les Galeries Montparnasse
22, rue du Départ — 15th arrondissement
March 9th and 10th from 11am to 6pm
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