A winter chalet with unlimited curling and raclette awaits you at Rosa Bonheur in the East

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The Editor

Since Friday, January 5, a funny chalet has taken place in the heart of Rosa Bonheur à l'Est in the 12th arrondissement. After Chez Monix and Monty's, this famous Parisian festive spot has also adapted to winter time and offers us a beautiful mountain experience with its Chalet Givré de la Porte Jaune. On the program: raclette, hot wine, and curling games. Let's go! Winter chalet made in Rosa Bonheur: We are used to go there to eat, drink, sing, dance, enjoy, love... And the freezing temperatures won't stop us from continuing! The Chalet Givré of Rosa Bonheur promises a unique experience.We'll have a great time all winter with a mountain-like atmosphere in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes. An ultra-cozy spot to snuggle up with friends or family and enjoy a delicious raclette, prepared and served in a dedicated stand with real melting cheese wheels. All accompanied by a comforting hot mulled wine and a tasty chestnut dessert.

A Curling Track in the Heart of Paris

The craziness of this new ephemeral place? Obviously, the life-sized curling track to sweep away the cold and throw polished stones with friends. An opportunity to try out this improbable sport and experience this winter of 2024 in style! Once the game is over and the scores are settled, we head to the dance floor for guinguette parties, which we love so much at Rosa!

The Frozen Chalet of the Yellow Door
Rosa Bonheur of the East
Yellow Door, Nogent Avenue - 12th
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