This medieval village just 1 hour from Paris would hide a treasure dating back over a century!

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It is not always easy to find enough inspiration to fill all your long weekends in the year. Thankfully, Le Bonbon is here for you, and we have plenty of good ideas and cool tips in Île-de-France to share with our readers. This time, we suggest you go discover Montchauvet, a small village with a fascinating history, located less than 40 minutes from Versailles. Let's hit the road!

Remains, here and there

The first thing you notice once you're there is how much this little countryside village is a true witness of French history. Here, the remains of a castle built in the 12th century, demolished by Charles V and Henri IV, of which today only a part of the keep remains. There, a charming old stone bridge from the 14th century, crossing one of the two rivers in the area. Both listed as Historical Monuments.

We will also linger on the 12th century church, of which the bell tower, partially struck by lightning, was dynamited in 1912, causing.Amazed by the fall of the vault. And although the square bell tower has been rebuilt, the rest of the church remains exposed. A little further on, why not take a small break in front of the charming 19th-century washhouse, or next to the former Monks' pond, created by a community of Benedictines who stayed in the village, leaving a strange rumor behind.

A somewhat mystical village

Indeed, legend has it that a few monks hid a treasure somewhere in the village. Many believe that it might be buried beneath the remains of the dungeon, but the fragile ground and the ruin's condition prevent any excavation in that area. Another version suggests that Protestants actually concealed a large amount of treasure and coins around the village.

Rumors give this village a slightly magical feel. The mystery is heightened by Montchauvet's own coat of arms, which features two bats… You must admit, it adds a touch of magic to the village!Immediately a little mystical, right? Many artists, like Marc Chagall or Marcel Aymé, have stayed here to find inspiration, but also, who knows, to try to find the famous Eldorado. A small tip, go there with your compass, you never know!

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