The Red Studio: Matisse in all his glory at the Fondation Louis Vuitton

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It's a real "mise en abyme" that the temple of modern and contemporary art offers us through this new exhibition. By dissecting "The Red Studio," in which the artist represents his own workplace, and the major works that are featured there, the Fondation Louis Vuitton takes a fresh look at Matisse, to present the full extent of his talent from a new and unprecedented angle. An exceptional immersion At the center of the room, immediately attracting (and compelling) the gaze, is a huge canvas, almost entirely covered in "Venetian red". A surprising, decidedly modern work, in which Matisse represents his own studio in Issy-les-Moulineaux.1911. Only elements standing out on this uniform background, 11 previous creations of the artist. Some sculptures, a plate, and 7 paintings, including, for the first time, the original versions (and therefore real) are displayed in the same room.

By bringing together The Red Studio and all the compositions it contains, the Foundation invites us to rediscover Matisse's work, to trace his artistic evolution, and also explore the breadth of his palette. The presence of a plate attests to his attraction to the decorative arts. Corsica, the old mill, the smallest of the exhibited paintings, tells us about the artist's beginnings in abstract art. Each of the works presented reveals a part of Matisse's story, from his Cézanne-inspired inspirations to his fascination with the female body.

A major work that has not finished revealing all its secrets

More than just a dissection of The Red Studio, the Louis Vuitton Foundation presents this work as a real turning point in the painter's career. Rejected by his patron Sergey...iuml; Chtchoukine (whose order however is at the origin of its creation), then during two post-impressionist exhibitions, inspiration for his next paintings, such as the Grand Intérieur Rouge, with an unequivocal name, or even late recognition by the MoMA, it is a work with a complete but also surprising history.

Indeed, the exhibition ends with a video in which 4 experts of the art world reveal some of its secrets. Especially its very particular creative process. Initially, Matisse painted a "classic" version of his studio, but it would take several months before he decided to cover all surfaces completely, including furniture, with this unique red. A desire for renewal, which he himself was not sure he fully understood, as evidenced by numerous letters from the artist.

So, a unique exhibition that condenses in an extremely compact way the whole range of Matisse's creations, the power of his works, and their modern and timeless character, which continues to inspire and provoke discussion even today. An event not to be missed, in the sumptuous and impressive setting of the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

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Matisse, The Red Studio
Louis Vuitton Foundation
8, Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi – 16th
From May 4 to September 9, 2024
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