Heartthrob: This focaccia counter is going to make you scream "Mamma Mia!"

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Imagine walking into La Focacceria and being greeted by the sweet smell of toasted focaccia, with Andrea Boticelli's voice serenading you in the background. It's like a little piece of Tuscany right here in Paris! This cozy spot in Le Marais has quickly become a favorite in the neighborhood since it opened in September. What's on the menu? Authentic focaccia, of course. The kind that's unbelievably light and fluffy, with the perfect balance of crispy and tender. This is the real deal, made from a recipe passed down by a grandmother – you won't find anything like it anywhere else. La Focacceria is more than just a restaurant, it's a family affair. Raoul, hailing from Livorno, is the mastermind behind this Italian haven in Paris. His son, Ruben, manages the restaurant, while his brother, Raphaël, takes care of guests and the cash register. It's a true labor of love that you can taste in every bite. And don't forget to also see Sandrine, the mother, or the uncle, a wine connoisseur, ready to organize Italian wine tastings in his nephews' establishment. Here, "each one contributes their own contribution to the building," explains Raphael.
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During the week, the restaurant mainly attracts a local clientele, but on weekends, it becomes much more eclectic. "What we want is to recreate that Italian family atmosphere where there is music, chairs everywhere, and people talk," says Ruben.

Quality Products as the Main Requirement

A warm and friendly atmosphere, achieved through the Italian generosity that the brothers seek to convey through their sandwiches. Because between those two perfectly airy slices of focaccia, there is an explosion of flavors. This is made possible thanks to the cold cuts and vegetables served in very generous quantities. Want an idea? Order the Montepulciano and you will taste the perfect combination of mortadella, stracciatella, pesto verde, arugula, and pistachio nuggets. That's all!

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Whether the recipes are savory or sweet, the golden rule remains the same: the products must be of high quality and 100% Italian. " What we care about is introducing customers to Italian products they may not be familiar with " said Raphaël. " In fact, we have temporarily set aside tiramisu because we haven't foundthe perfect recipe and we want to offer a high-quality product. », adds his brother. So if customers seem captivated by this airy focaccia and this piece of Italy imported to Paris, one question remains uncertain: what did the grandmother of the two boys think? « She tasted it, liked it, but she critiqued it a bit. Of course, she would never say that our focaccia is better than hers », Raphaël ends with a laugh.

La Focacceria
7, rue de la Verrerie – 4th
From Monday to Sunday, from 11:30 AM to 11 PM
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