2024 Olympics: here's how to watch the events for free in Paris

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It's no longer a secret and for a long time now: from July 26 to September 8, 2024, the Olympic Games and then the Paralympic Games will liven up the City of Light. For more than a month, all of Paris will live to the rhythm of the Games, from its Olympic venues to its bustling merchants and crowded metros. So for all those who don't desert the capital, how can you make the most of this period without breaking the bank? Two events to see for free Some events do not require a ticket purchase, like the triathlon which combines swimming, cycling, and running, all in the heart of Paris. So if the crowd doesn't scare you, you can head to the Champs-Elysées or along the quays to watch the athletes. However, the start and finish area, on the Alexandre III bridge, will be strictly reserved for ticket holders. Another free event: the marathon from Paris to Versailles which takes place from August 10 to 11 over 42.195 km.
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220,000 invitations for the opening ceremony

Exciting news! Gérald Darmanin revealed the plans for the Olympics opening ceremony on March 5th, where a total of 326,000 people have been invited. The best part? 220,000 free tickets are up for grabs, with an additional 104,000 tickets available for purchase. The distribution for this opening ceremony, as reported by Le Parisien, includes: 105,000 invitations divided among the city of Paris, the state, and the organizing committee of the Games; 74,000 invitations for local and regional authorities; and 9,000 spots for the French Olympic and Paralympic Committee. There are still 34,000 spots awaiting distribution, with 25,000 reserved for residents of Île-de-France impacted by the Games.

18,000 spots forResidents of Hauts-de-Seine, great news for you! According to Actu Paris, the Hauts-de-Seine Department will be giving away almost 18,000 tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic events.Get ready for an unforgettable event by the Seine River! A lucky group of 1,000 individuals will snag an invite to the grand opening ceremony on July 26. Middle school students, young people, and department employees will have the first chance to score these coveted tickets. And employees might even have a shot at winning some through exciting contests. How thrilling!
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6,000 spots for residents of Seine-et-Marne

Hey there! Exciting news from Le Parisien, reporting that Seine-et-Marne is offering 6,000 free spots for the 2024 Olympics to its residents. If you live there, make sure to register on the department's website before March 3rd for a chance to secure your spot! Enjoy the Olympic experience!

Welcome to the exciting world of free tickets for the 2024 Olympics in Seine-Saint-Denis! If you're a resident of this area, you have a chance to snag one of the 150,000 tickets available, including 28,000 for the spectacular opening ceremony. This incredible opportunity is open to students, local officials, the elderly, disabled individuals, and the unemployed. Don't miss out on this chance to be part of the Olympic experience!