2024 Olympics: A Heatwave Risk that is Already Suffocating Paris

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The Editor

The bright sun shining in the sky, sweat rolling down the athletes' skin before they even begin, panting from the intense heat. Although this scene is currently fictional, it might soon become a reality for athletes and spectators at the upcoming Paris Olympics, as predicted by Météo-France. An uptick in heatwaves has been observed since 2010, with 22 hitting France, excluding 2014 and 2021. These observations are the foundation for the summer forecasts in 2024. The past few years have seen numerous heatwaves, typically occurring from late July to mid-August - perfectly aligning with the Olympic Games held across Paris from July 26 to August 11.


"Let the Games begin at the time of the 'climatological peak', on July 25th. This is the time of year when heatwaves are most likely to be at their most intense in France," explains Christophe Cassou, a climatologist at CNRS, to Le Monde, the probability of a heatwave in 2024 is about four to five times greater than in 1924 during the last Olympics in Paris."

Towards a hotter summer than in 2003?

If the experts at Météo-France will only have clear and reliable data about three weeks before the start of the competition.heatwave predictions, assumptions of a potential heatwave had already been put forward by scientists in November 2023. In a study published in the journal Npj Climate and atmospheric science, they suggested that the summer heatwave of 2024 could be worse than the one in 2003.

3, the most severe and deadly in France since 1947. What will the temperatures really be like this summer? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, you can already plan your light outfits and think about the terraces to enjoy a refreshing beverage there.