10 amazing shows to dazzle you in April in Paris

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at La Seine Musicale 

« What a feeling, being’s believing »… We have all sung out loud the iconic lyrics of the musical Flashdance. Well, you now have a unique opportunity to see the authentic musical live on the stage of La Seine Musicale. Save the date for Saturday, April 27th, at 3pm and 8pm. The show will take you into the daily life of Alex Owens, a worker by day, cabaret dancer by night. The whole experience will include a set similar to what Adrian Lyne envisioned, and the most iconic music such as: "What a Feeling", "Manhunt" or even "Maniac". We can't wait!

La Seine Musicale
Île Seguin — 92100, Boulogne-Billancourt
Saturday, April 27th at 3pm and 8pm
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The Bird Syndrome
at Théâtre Montansier  

Through this heartbreaking closed-door drama, directors Sara Giraudeau and Renaud Meyer take us into the story of a woman kept prisoner in an unwelcoming apartment, by a cold and tough man. Her only escape? Her imagination and madness, which allow her to believe she can be a bird, and fly away from this cage. A play that is both cruel and wonderfully poetic.

The Bird Syndrome at Montansier Theatre
13, rue des Réservoirs - 78000, Versailles
From April 3rd to 6th
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In your heart
at the Théâtre du Rond-Point

Between love and humor, lightning strikes and arguments, Pierre Guillois and the acrobats of Akoreacro take us on a passionate show, both physical and musical. On stage, 8 acrobats and 4 musicians bring to life an acrobatic and poetic performance, to be enjoyed alone, with friends or with family.

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In your heart
Theatre du Rond-Point
2bis, avenue Franklin Roosevelt — 8th
From April 25th to May 26th
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Into the Hairy
at Theatre Chaillot

Sharon Eyal and her companion Gai Behar team up with musician Lewis Roberts aka Koreless, to create a unique piece, designed for six dancers. A clever blend of classical and contemporary, emotions and passions, the show promises to offer a moment of "magic," as Sharon Eyal greatly values.

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Into the Hairy
Théâtre Chaillot
1, place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre — 16th
From April 12 to 14
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Mata Hari, Temporary Title
 at the Bouffon Théâtre

She was labeled as a spy, but she was much more than that. In this one-woman show, Olivia Algazi portrays Mata Hari, inviting us to (re)discover the story of this 20th-century icon. From the woman who dreams of freedom, of dance, and of an international career. We witness her triumphs and her falls. A powerful piece about one of the most remarkable figures of her time.

**Mata Hari, Provisional Title** **Bouffon Theatre** 26-28 Meaux Street - 19th April 5th and 11th at 7pm, April 8th at 9pm [More info](https://bouffontheatre.fr/show/mata-hari-titre-provisoire) **Eurydice** at Lucernaire Theatre It all begins like an idyllic love story. Orpheus and Eurydice meet on a train platform and fall madly in love. But of course, nothing ever goes so smoothly. In a tragic accident, Eurydice loses her life. A certain Mr. Henri then offers Orpheus the chance to reunite with his love at the gates of death. A story of love, life, and destiny that Jean Anouilh contemplates with daring modernity.
**Eurydice** Theater Lucernaire 53, rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs - 6th Until May 5 More info **Black Legends** at Bobino The audience rose, danced, sang. Never had such a communion between spectators and artists been seen. After a real success at Théâtre 13ème Art from October 5 to January 28, 2024, the musical show **Black Legends** is back on the stage at Bobino for an extension of its second season, until April 28. Through its 37 rhythmic scenes, this tribute to African-American music promises an unforgettable experience.With the greatest hits of soul music, disco, funk, and R&B, the show takes us through the decades to immerse us, in music, in the heart of African-American history. A must-see, rewatch, and watch again!
Black Legends
13-20, rue de la Gaîté — 14th
Until April 28th
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A Bag of Marbles at Théâtre Actuel la Bruyère

Let's travel back in time, to 1941. As war rages on and the capital is under German occupation, Joseph and Maurice try by all means to reach the free zone. Resourcefulness, cunning... Far from childhood innocence, the two little boys must make extra efforts to survive. A play full of emotions and humanity, to be discovered with the family.

A Bag of Marbles
Theater Actuel La Bruyère
5, rue La Bruyère - 9th
Until April 29th
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Tickling or the Dance of Anger at Théâtre de l’Atelier

He is "a family friend". He is also the one who stole Odette's childhood. Through dance, the young girl finds this escape, the only one that allows her to express herself when words are no longer enough. More than an art, it is a true means of survival. An absolutely heartbreaking solo on stage to discover from April 11th onwards.

The Tickle or the Dance of Anger Theater of the Workshop
1, Place Charles Dullin – 18th
From April 11th to June 1st
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Dior dresses the nights: Dance Night and Roman Night
at the Palais des Congrès

Combining fashion and dance, that's the challenge that the dancers of the ballet of the Opera of Rome will meet in April. Wearing costumes designed by Dior, the show choreographed by Giorgia Mancini will take the audience on a timeless moment, set to Philip Glass's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. 

Dior dresses the nights: Dancing Night and Roman Night
Palais des Congrès
2, Place de la Porte Maillot - 17th
From April 26th to 28th
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