Offenses while riding a bike

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The Editor

Riding your bike in Paris can be a joy, but watch out for those sneaky fines!

There are so many rules that even the most seasoned cyclist might not know them all. Don't worry though, we've got your back with this handy list of violations. Some might seem minor, but the fines can really add up. Happy cycling!

First class fines: €11 fine

Let's start off with some minor violations that may not seem like a big deal, but can still be risky.

- Driving without functioning brakes. Being able to stop is pretty essential, right?

- Driving without a bell or horn. Let's keep things safe and sound.

- Driving without front or rear lights. Even during the day, it's important to be visible.

- Driving without proper position and red rear lights. When needed, of course.

It would take some nerve to break these laws in Paris, wouldn't it? Especially the horn. A good horn is a must-have.

Second class fines, 35€ penalty

Hey there, things are getting a little serious.

- Changing direction without indicating. Let's remember to use our turn signals, folks.

- Carrying a passenger without an appropriate seat. Yep, we're talking to those of you who love squeezing three people on a Vélib, dangerously teetering.

- Driving outside city limits without a high visibility vest, at night or in very low visibility conditions. Well, in Paris, that should be pretty easy to follow, right?

- Driving side by side with more than 2 people on the road. It's nice to chat with friends while driving, but it's not only against the rules, it's also frustrating for other drivers.

- Exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 km/h. Let's enjoy the drive, but keep an eye on that speedometer, okay?

- Non-motorized vehicle. Because you don't need a loud engine to go too fast.

- Do not ride on the bike lane (

January 4, 2020

The offenses so serious that there is not even a fine system

These, we give them to you as a matter of principle, just to say that we are doing our job to the end. But we sincerely hope that they won't apply to you.

- Driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.8 g/l or more (0.4 mg/l of exhaled air or more). And it will only cost you the modest sum of 4500€ (9000 in case of recurrence), plus some community service work.

- Driving under the influence of drugs. Same story as above, 4500€ and all that jazz.

- Refusing to undergo a blood alcohol level test. Or drug screening. That's also 4500€ right in the face, not sure if it's worth it when you could "only" pay 135€ (even though, once again, drinking and taking your car is not worth it).

lo , that's bad. Very bad.) - Refusing to stop when signaled by an officer: 7500€. Same, not sure it's worth it. - Hit and run after an accident. Well, there, we're definitely at the max. And at the same time, you really have to be a jerk, so we think that 75,000€ is not enough to pa .y. There you go, now you know everything, and you can't say we didn't warn you!.Hey there! Here's a little script to add some fun Twitter widgets to your website. Just pop it in and let the magic happen! Enjoy! 🐦💫