This iconic Netflix series soon to be adapted into a video game

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The Editor

Oh yes, it's indeed the very famous (and yet very controversial) series Emily in Paris. It seems that the numerous protests from Parisians have not been able to tarnish the success of the series, which should soon be getting a video game adaptation that will be released directly on Netflix.

Get ready to play

Attention to all fans of the beret-wearing icon on the planet. In a recent press release, the teams at the N company have announced the release of 14 new video games, including a saga that will take place.In the heart of the City of Light: Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris. A completely unexpected new series, but one that should still appeal to more than one American dreaming of fulfilling their fantasies of France. For Parisians, on the other hand, it may be the perfect opportunity to move into a 70m² apartment without costing an arm and a leg, and work in a super cool office, where you can have a relaxed 10am-5pm workday. Pure bliss.

For now, very little information has been revealed about the format of this new game. On Netflix's website, cleverly named Tudum, however, you can read « By leaving the United States for Paris to take a job at a prestigious fashion magazine, you quickly discover that the city of love is full of surprises, challenges, and dazzling suitors. With the help of Emily, Mindy, Alfie, and Gabriel, you will explore the romantic capital and seek to find yourself. Will you seize all opportunities to land the job of your dreams and follow your heart ? ». A synopsis far from clichés, that's refreshing.

The communication teams also indicated that this 2.0 version of Emily in Paris should be released at the end of summer, along with.The season 4 of the series. The new chapter of Lily Collins adventures will indeed be aired in two parts, the first half on August 15th, and the second on September 12th. Well, too eager to live the dream life that we'll never have in the streets of Paname!